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Use Next.js to Improve your Site's Google Search Ranking

CSS From First Principles

Lifecycle of a TC39 Proposal

Introduction to Vue 3

Examining Observability in Node.js

Mastering async data with React Query

Building a Compiler and WASM

The Path to Microfrontends

Visualizing App Logic with XState

Next.js on AWS

TypeScript + React = Love

Shipping high quality React apps with confidence

Building Custom Data Visualizations in React

How Forbidden Planet Cured My Imposter Syndrome

Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit

The 1 Hour Crash Course to React Hooks


Rich Everts

I’ve created React.js production apps for some of the biggest companies in the world as well as thriving startups, and I STILL got a few great tips out of the course. I’ll make the cost back in no time. Thanks Tyler!

The best part of this course is it doesn't teach you just how to do it but rather also why to do it. The course is absolutely incredible. I feel i have a good understanding of React now.

Glenn Mills

Was part of the Beta test group and loved it. Great work!

Super clear and to the point. Really enjoyed this course, and am super excited about React Hooks now. Great job Tyler and team!

Before working through Tyler's course, I was familiar with the basics of React but wasn't very confident about starting a React project from scratch or answering interview questions about React. I now know how to set up a React project without blindly using Create React App, learned a ton of stuff not covered in my web development classes, and feel like I have a rock solid foundation for working on some advanced projects. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a complete React course.

Matt Henschel

Loved the course. It was shorter than the other ones but it still covers everything you'd need to know about React + TS.

This is the best Redux Course on the planet you'll ever take. It's not like a typical Redux course that teaches you how to write the syntax, instead it focuses more on how Redux is implemented. A big thanks to Tyler for creating such an amazing course.

Douglas Thom

I had spent many hours working with examples and documentation trying to learn React. I really wish I had known about Tyler's program beforehand. Not only would I have saved a ton of time, but Tyler makes the explanation very clear right off the bat. Thank you!

Another amazing course from Tyler. It amazes me how he can break down complicated problems into easy to understand chunks. Not very often I actually finish a course, but I've completed 2 from Tyler now

Modern JavaScript serves not only as a much needed course for React Developers but also as an essential training for any JavaScript developer.

A continuous climb of the stairs towards mastery. Tyler is a true expert, because it takes an expert to make a complex topic this simple.

Just brilliant. These courses made it easy to understand the concepts he was teaching. He is really good at the materials he's using. On top of that, he's an amazing educator. Very enthusiastic, straight to the point and also has a sense of humor. It's a big plus from me.

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595 Reviews

  • W
    Advanced JavaScript
    18 days ago

    It's great course that contains sound fundamentals of js.

  • Platon Koby
    React Hooks
    19 days ago

    This course was incredible! I have just finished the original react course, and I've found some things that I didn't fully enjoy. However this course is just amazing. You have done a very good job in explaining the hooks, it was very easy to understand more complicated useMemo and useCallback. My favourites by far are the useEffect and useReducer, in the way you explained them, previously I was scared of useReducer, or didn't understand when useEffect ran. The bonus about execution context was also great. Thank you!

  • JP
    Jean-Mathieu Potvin
    Modern JavaScript
    21 days ago

    A clear, concise and well-structured course on the newer tools of JavaScript. Definitely the most efficient course I completed. Tyler has this precious ability of taking a concept and breaking it down into easy to understand logic. I highly recommend, it's worth it!

  • Prosper
    Modern JavaScript
    21 days ago

    This was an amazing and straight to the point course. No fluff, just pure knowledge, and practical advice. I bought this course because I got so much value out of Tyler's free video on YouTube and because I loved his teaching style, I went ahead and subscribed. No regrets so far. Keep up the good work.

  • PK
    Platon Kobylyatskiy
    21 days ago

    The course is very good, i would give 5 stars, however the stuff in "not necessary" videos, eg. HOC, is repeated in the project later on. The course completion percentage has stuck on 54% for me. And last but not least, the video player, works strangely with how it gets the arrow keys functionality. It would also be nice, if you spoke slower (personal opinion), as well as if we could have the "copy to clipboard" buttons above the videos with css and npm installations. I loved everything else :)

  • S
    Modern JavaScript
    22 days ago

    As a web developer with over 20 years experience, this course was still very helpful for me. I switch between Vue, React and Angular a lot. Re-covering js fundamentals with a focus on latest language features helps me to keep framework syntax in its place. It also helps from a historical perspective after writing js since before jQuery was around.

  • PL
    Prerna Lele
    22 days ago

    This was a really in depth course. At times I thought it's really taking a long time but it was totally worth it. And I myself watched atleast a couple videos again and again to really grasp the concept. I am sure I will re-review some material again.

  • A
    React Hooks
    23 days ago

    This course is a must-have if you're planning to learn React Hooks or converting your class-based components to functional components and of course using React Hooks. Thank you, Tyler :)

  • R
    29 days ago

    Quality content. Was fun making the 'Github Battle'app and later hosting it. Def feel more confident about finishing the Curriculum before moving on to the React Hooks course.

  • JT
    Josh Ternyak
    Modern JavaScript
    30 days ago

    I learned so much about Javascript and I now feel much more comfortable using it when building applications.