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Non-Contextual Practice

Similar to the non-contextual analysis, context is everything. The first time you're hands-on with a new topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. This is why we first have you work through small, focused practice problems before you ever see the new topic in the context of a larger project.

Non-Contextual Analysis

The first time you're introduced to a topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. Although it takes more time, our non-contextual analysis comes in two forms, video and text. This way, no matter how you prefer to learn, there's an option for you.

Contextual Practice

You've probably experienced it before, you feel like you're learning so much going through a tutorial only to hit a wall once it's time to actually apply that knowledge outside of the context of the tutorial. All the non-contextual practice in the world is useless if you're not then able to take that knoweldge and apply it towards a (contextual) production level codebase.


Nothing fancy here. After learning about the topic you'll receive a quiz to make sure you have a solid conceptual understanding before moving on to the hands-on practice.

The Result?

Subject Mastery

The ability to take what you learn and apply it towards a production codebase


I already knew React hooks, but this course really consolidated my understanding of them. I teach React training workshops myself, and after taking this course, my confidence in talking about hooks is much stronger. I love the cadence of the course, alternating theory and practical exercises. Tyler, you are a great teacher, and it's obvious you have spent a lot of time thinking about how people learn, and "how to teach". 🎉


Probably the best content you can find today if you want to have a solid knowledge about the subject

Mind blown. Every other moment a light bulb was going off in my head. Without a traditional CS background sometimes it can be hard to wrap my head around 'why' things are done. This really bridged some huge gaps for me. Fabulous, well done.

I was lost in the React ecosystem until I took this course. It really helped connect the pieces I already knew. The pacing with each topic is great. I actually feel like I've accomplished something. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to take a deep dive in React!

I loved the content of this course. Tyler does a great job of explaining difficult concepts. I will be revisiting this information on a frequent basis to practice my javascript skills.

The best way to learn Redux is to build Redux itself! Brilliant approach from Tyler as he takes us through the steps of building a Redux clone and slowly moving up to the official library. The course is detailed and thorough, the only resource out there to get a full grasp of Redux.

This is the best JS class I've found on the internet. Highly recommended!!

Douglas Thom

I had spent many hours working with examples and documentation trying to learn React. I really wish I had known about Tyler's program beforehand. Not only would I have saved a ton of time, but Tyler makes the explanation very clear right off the bat. Thank you!

Matt Henschel

Loved the course. It was shorter than the other ones but it still covers everything you'd need to know about React + TS.

Tyler's course not only teaches you how to use React and Redux but he takes the time to walk you through the internals of these tools, building them from scratch yourself. This alone is worth the price of his courses. You gain a complete understanding of what is happening "behind the scenes" of your React apps. I couldn't recommend this course more. It's a necessity when learning React and Redux.

Ibrahem khalil

Tyler is the best instructor I have ever seen. Explains in ways that are unmatchable. He finds a problem that people experienced back then, then helps you find its solution. That’s what I call learning.

I've taken a few React courses and this is the one that finally made things click for me. The combination of explanations of the reasons behind certain React concepts, and the practical application of those concepts really helps the information stick. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn React.

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What makes these courses different from other online courses?

Our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently write production-ready code. The tradeoff is it will require more work and focus than a course that features a few bite-sized screencasts. Real learning takes time, but you can feel confident that once you've finished a course, you’ll have mastered everything you need to know with minimal knowledge gaps.

In which order should I take the courses?

If you're comfortable with JavaScript (including ES6) and want to jump straight to React, go with "React", "React Hooks", then any other course that looks interesting. If you're not comfortable with JavaScript, start with "Modern JavaScript", then "Advanced JavaScript", then any other course you'd like.

I need an official invoice with certain fields like VAT. Can I get one?

Once you sign up, as part of the welcome email, you'll be given a link to fill out where you can input all your company's info.

Do the courses have captions?


What level of experience is required for getting the most out of these courses?

A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight in to the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.

What projects will I build throughout the courses

You can find every project on the /projects page.

How long should I expect each course to take?

Naturally, it depends. Considering all our courses are comprised of video, text, quizzes, practice problems, and curriculum - 15-30 hours per course is a safe assumption.

How does the subscription work?

Like Netflix. You pay $40 per month or $350 per year for access to all our courses, premium newsletters, and events. Your subscription will be active until you cancel, which you can do at any time in your dashboard.


580 Reviews

  • Jesus Urias
    React Hooks
    12 days ago

    I loved it. Especially after doing the original React Course, this was a great segway into react hooks. It felt more like I was the one personally making changes to everything and learning more on my own. 10/10 would do it again.

  • LS
    Lindsey Smith
    Modern JavaScript
    13 days ago

    This course was good. I liked how things were explained and the perspective taken. I have learned a lot of better practices. My reason for giving it 4 stars, I would have liked to have exercises to try with this course and actually apply the information learned.

  • RN
    Rishi Narang
    React with TypeScript
    14 days ago

    Its's awesome. I got all the doubts cleared in clear and concise manner especially related to useState and useReducer type checking. This coursed has boosted my confidence to use typescript in React.

  • Adithya NR
    15 days ago

    I loved the course! I learned a lot about TypeScript in a short period of time, thanks to this course.

  • Guilherme Sa
    15 days ago

    Lots of detail and time spent on intermediate to advanced stuff and the course was both challenging and encouraging. I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed that the editing style (ie. sometimes pausing the video and adding voice commentary, speeding up the video w/ audio overlay when necessary, etc) is similar to Tyler's other courses. It's very important that the voices at be seductive like Tyler's. Ok, soothing like Tyler's. :)

  • LG
    Leo Gonzalez
    React Hooks
    16 days ago

    I took Tyler's redux course a few years ago. This time I came back to retake the course (and brush up a bit on my skills).

  • Anesti Gjikoka
    Modern JavaScript
    17 days ago

    Perfect, thank you!

  • JL
    Jonathan lee
    Modern JavaScript
    20 days ago

    It was nice! I appreciate content being delivered in small chunks, as I don't always have the time and/or energy to sit through a long period of learning.

  • A
    Modern JavaScript
    21 days ago

    Thank you for your time. It was a nice refresher on the old as well as upcoming features of the language.

  • Miika Luiro
    22 days ago

    This course certainly delivered what it had promised! After this course I have a comprehensive view of TypeScript and I'm confident to start using it in my next project.