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One of the most frustrating aspects of learning a new technology is the overwhelming amount of out of date resources that exist. You've probably experienced it before - half-way through a blog post only to realize that what you're learning is an old API and the new one is completely different. Or worse, you purchase a course, install the dependencies, make sure your code matches the instructor's, but everything is broken because the instructors code is out of date.

When starting this site, my only goal was to create the resources I wish existed when I was starting out. Part of that includes having courses which are free from breaking changes so students never have to worry if a certain course is up to date.

Here are the details. Within 60 days of a breaking change, all courses will be updated to reflect the new API. If not, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid during those 60 days as well as any additional days that the breaking change(s) persist.


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Course Ratings

  • Chuck Smith
    Advanced JavaScript
    22 days ago

    Incredible JS review this weekend. The Callback/Promises/Async Await section was especially good. I understand even deeper now.

  • ZS
    Zoran Stankovic
    Modern JavaScript
    23 days ago

    I really like the course and the way how Tyler explains concepts.

  • ST
    Stephen T
    Advanced JavaScript
    23 days ago

    Tyler does an excellent job in describing the concepts in this curriculum succinctly. True to his word from his marketing pages, he is to the point and doesn't go off on tangents. The lessons on execution context and understanding the this keyword are among the better explanations on the internet I've read.

  • Aparna A.
    28 days ago

    I have been going through several of beginner and advanced React courses online. Though the other courses have these large applications built out, I wasnt feeling confident enough or rather I was feeling shaky about my concepts. Your course taught me what was going on underneath all those abstractions in the code and you offer fantastic coding tips! Extremely happy to have come across your courses! Bless the day I checked a reddit post on react courses !!

  • Paulo Henrique
    React Hooks
    35 days ago

    As a developer that likes to learn and to teach, I should say that this is the most complete material I found so far, each topic was Tailor-made by Tyler McGinnis to guarantee your learning with solid foundations and instead of just showing you the concepts and telling when to use or not something, instead, this material will provide to you solid knowledge that makes you have an own concept of when to use or not the things that you learned. I strongly recommend this course!

  • Josh Ternyak
    35 days ago

    This is the best React JS course I've ever done. Tyler made learning React fun and interesting while teaching the core concepts at a basic level. Also the app was fun to build and kept me engaged! This was for sure worth the time.

  • Sean Kelliher
    Advanced JavaScript
    37 days ago

    I took Tyler's "Advanced JavaScript" course. It was hard (for me at least). But, I learned a lot even though I had already spent a lot of time and money taking JS classes at NYU. I now have a much better understanding of concepts like inheritance, prototypes, and the this keyword. I knew about them before, but I didn't really understand them that well.

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Advanced JavaScript
    38 days ago

    It was really great to be a part of this course, i learnt a lot .Each point  of the course was explained in a very good way and the best part was, each topic has an example (which i personally feel was great because i myself prefer to learn from examples rather the definition )

  • Lior Tal
    Advanced JavaScript
    38 days ago

    Tyler's course moves fast but it does so in an effective way that doesn't waste any time. As a programmer coming from a different language it was a bit of a steeper learning curve however because his lessons are concise I could always rewatch one without feeling like I was wasting time and that way I could make sure I understood everything.

  • Mohd E.
    React Hooks
    41 days ago

    You taught me React, React-Native earlier and now React Hooks. I love the clarity in your tutorials and the amount of knowledge you share. Any question that I get in my mind gets answered in the next second. The tutorials are very well thought through. Thank you.