All courses are up to date, guaranteed

One of the most frustrating aspects of learning a new technology is the overwhelming amount of out of date resources that exist. You've probably experienced it before - half-way through a blog post only to realize that what you're learning is an old API and the new one is completely different. Or worse, you purchase a course, install the dependencies, make sure your code matches the instructor's, but everything is broken because the instructors code is out of date.

When starting this site, my only goal was to create the resources I wish existed when I was starting out. Part of that includes having courses which are free from breaking changes so students never have to worry if a certain course is up to date.

Here are the details. Within 60 days of a breaking change, all courses will be updated to reflect the new API. If not, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid during those 60 days as well as any additional days that the breaking change(s) persist.


733 Reviews

  • RL
    Ryan Lin
    18 hours ago

    Best course ever on understanding Redux fundamentals and what's going on under the hood.

  • LV
    Likhit V.
    5 days ago

    Great course. I was a little hesitant because of the price at the beginning but I soon realized why it is the way it is. The course was never boring because of Tyler's funny personality and I got through it easily and learned a ton. Best $350 spent; these courses are so worth it and valuable.

  • EH
    Ethan Horne
    Advanced JavaScript
    9 days ago

    Excellent course. Most of the time I look up my problems on Stack Overflow. The course helps me understand how JavaScript works. As I understand how the language works, I feel I will better understand how to use it.

  • CM
    Christina Martinez
    Modern JavaScript
    16 days ago

    This course offers a solid in-depth explanation of JavaScript concepts in a way that's easy to understand. Highly recommended.

  • VS
    Veera S.
    Advanced JavaScript
    16 days ago

    What can I say. Every course is designed very perfect that everything makes sense why it is done in a specific way.

  • B
    18 days ago

    Concepts are introduced in rapid-fire succession, with no practical application or practice using them. The quiz questions are totally insufficient to absorb the material; they literally only test if I was paying attention. In particular, the advanced TypeScript concepts are introduced as if in a vacuum: now I know that they exist, but I have absolutely no idea what they are useful for, and I expect to forget about them in a day or two.

  • BM
    Ben Millward
    React with TypeScript
    27 days ago

    Really well done, broken down well and easy to understand

  • VD
    Vojin Doncev
    Advanced JavaScript
    27 days ago

    I enjoyed both video and written tutorials, and non the less the quizes. Amazing content!

  • BM
    Ben Millward
    27 days ago

    Amazingly detailed, really easy to follow and really helps showing the development of each stage

  • RC
    Rakesh Cheekatimala
    Modern JavaScript
    28 days ago

    Tyler is good instructor in delivering concepts with clean examples. So far I have been enjoying my learning for refreshing my concepts on JavaScript.