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One of the most frustrating aspects of learning a new technology is the overwhelming amount of out of date resources that exist. You've probably experienced it before - half-way through a blog post only to realize that what you're learning is an old API and the new one is completely different. Or worse, you purchase a course, install the dependencies, make sure your code matches the instructor's, but everything is broken because the instructors code is out of date.

When starting this site, my only goal was to create the resources I wish existed when I was starting out. Part of that includes having courses which are free from breaking changes so students never have to worry if a certain course is up to date.

Here are the details. Within 60 days of a breaking change, all courses will be updated to reflect the new API. If not, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid during those 60 days as well as any additional days that the breaking change(s) persist.


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654 Reviews

  • ML
    Max Liefkes
    34 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant course!

  • O
    Advanced JavaScript
    38 days ago

    So good!

  • Clarissa Gayton
    Modern JavaScript
    39 days ago

    What a gem! I've just completed a bootcamp and have been studying on my own for quite some time now. I spent a few weeks doing research on the best online courses to take that would solidify the knowledge I already have and I'm sad to say I didn't find Tyler McGinnis earlier. But, I'm pleased and excited to say that I now have a grasp on all things JS that I struggled with like understanding JS Modules, prototypes, and classes. I cannot wait to dive into his other courses.

  • Krishna Devaki
    Advanced JavaScript
    39 days ago

    I can clearly see the amount of research and work that you did for this course. It's truly unique, you explained not only what but clearly explained why.

  • FR
    Fadi Rezq
    Modern JavaScript
    52 days ago

    Good start on any Advanced JS road that you want to take.

  • Malak Joseph
    React with TypeScript
    54 days ago

    I hated TypeScript when I dealt with it at work because I didn't know how to use it and only produced red lines! Now, can't say I'm an expert but an app without TS is full of distractions and more complicated! Thanks, Alexander for such a great course!

  • LC
    Luis C
    56 days ago

    I really enjoyed this course. Alex Anderson is an excellent instructor. The course is very well structured and encompasses a lot of content. I learned a lot.

  • BS
    B Shean
    56 days ago

    I highly recommend this course. Great pacing in this curriculum with code to follow along with that works!

  • XL
    Xin Li
    Modern JavaScript
    2 months ago

    The content of the course is really great, the way a topic is explained is very clear, I appreciate the effort been put into it. However, I think it would be nicer if there could be some coding exercises for each lesson.

  • H
    React Hooks
    2 months ago

    The way Tyler explains concepts is different from any other available source. Explaining previous approaches to things and showing drawbacks with them then explaining the new approach to demonstrate why we needed this - hooks for example - gives much deeper understanding than just showing how to do it. After many courses and for the first time i feel confident using hooks in a real project.