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One of the most frustrating aspects of learning a new technology is the overwhelming amount of out of date resources that exist. You've probably experienced it before - half-way through a blog post only to realize that what you're learning is an old API and the new one is completely different. Or worse, you purchase a course, install the dependencies, make sure your code matches the instructor's, but everything is broken because the instructors code is out of date.

When starting this site, my only goal was to create the resources I wish existed when I was starting out. Part of that includes having courses which are free from breaking changes so students never have to worry if a certain course is up to date.

Here are the details. Within 60 days of a breaking change, all courses will be updated to reflect the new API. If not, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid during those 60 days as well as any additional days that the breaking change(s) persist.


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Course Ratings

  • CH
    Charlie Hewis
    Modern JavaScript
    6 days ago

    A really helpful and thorough explanation of current syntax and patterns with historical context. For me, as a faily new javascript developer, it was incredibly useful to see the timeline of syntax such as the class keyword and imports/exports since many google search results have a mixture of old and new style code. This course helped me to easily understand which is which. I appreciate the repetition of key ideas throughout, and the analysis of why a particular pattern was added and what issues it resolved.

  • J
    Advanced JavaScript
    7 days ago

    Now, this is some advanced js concepts that you are teaching. I was little bit confused to whether I should buy your course. But I don't regret buying yours. This is just fantastic choice from my side.

  • Adrian Grillo
    7 days ago

    Loved the material and got a lot out of it, I've already recommended to a friend. Thanks a ton for making an awesome course.

  • RG
    Ray G
    Modern JavaScript
    9 days ago

    This course was clearly laid out and the required knowledge was just right. The way each concept was built up by connecting it to the previous syntax/method was very instrumental.

  • Fred Yiga
    Modern JavaScript
    9 days ago

    Tyler explains concepts very well.

  • Pierre Wizla
    14 days ago

    The React course was an excellent course — and I have the feeling that all courses from Tyler McGinnis are equally excellent (I already completed the Modern JS and Advanced JS courses as well). Tyler has an unparalleled sense of detail and pedagogy: you not only understand how to do React, but why we do it like we do, and especially which problems React solve, what is the essence of it and why it even exists. The rhythm is quite good, big concepts deserve lengthy videos while insisting on key takeaways to make sure you grasp the important parts, smaller concepts benefit from short, up-to-the-point videos — to each their own. I really appreciated that every concept is taught in great details by 2 or 3 different manners: a video (and its neatly crafted transcript), a quiz to reinforce/re-activate learnings, and sometimes a practice part to broaden your knowledge and apply it. All in all, this course is of a groundbreaking quality and I am really looking forward to following the other courses as well. Thank you so much, Tyler, I am a better developer thanks to your great work!

  • R
    16 days ago

    Tyler's courses are simply amazing. First, I love the structure. For almost every lecture, there is a video as well as a text version with code snippets. In addition to this, he shares the code commits as he goes along which makes it really practical to look at. Unlike many other cut & dry courses or tutorials out there, Tyler actually takes time to explain the subtleties and the philosophies behind some of the material. So there are things you would only know after some amount of development experience but he actually includes all the things you need to know in his courses. For these reasons, I have been and will continue to recommend Tyler's courses to other JS developers.

  • M
    Modern JavaScript
    17 days ago

    I really enjoyed your class! Your explanations were straight to the point. Having said that, I would say this course really wasn't for a complete beginner in programming. I came over from Python and I kept thinking there were lots of instances that would only make immediate sense to someone who's dabbled in this kind of thing before. Another point is that the course is quite a few years old now. Really glad you put in all this effort. It was great.

  • Eniams
    Modern JavaScript
    18 days ago

    The course is really good. It helps a lot to better understand many concepts and Tyler is a very good instructor. Thanks.

  • Mahmoud Gamie
    Advanced JavaScript
    19 days ago

    So good!