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One of the most frustrating aspects of learning a new technology is the overwhelming amount of out of date resources that exist. You've probably experienced it before - half-way through a blog post only to realize that what you're learning is an old API and the new one is completely different. Or worse, you purchase a course, install the dependencies, make sure your code matches the instructor's, but everything is broken because the instructors code is out of date.

When starting this site, my only goal was to create the resources I wish existed when I was starting out. Part of that includes having courses which are free from breaking changes so students never have to worry if a certain course is up to date.

Here are the details. Within 60 days of a breaking change, all courses will be updated to reflect the new API. If not, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid during those 60 days as well as any additional days that the breaking change(s) persist.


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580 Reviews

  • Jesus Urias
    React Hooks
    12 days ago

    I loved it. Especially after doing the original React Course, this was a great segway into react hooks. It felt more like I was the one personally making changes to everything and learning more on my own. 10/10 would do it again.

  • LS
    Lindsey Smith
    Modern JavaScript
    13 days ago

    This course was good. I liked how things were explained and the perspective taken. I have learned a lot of better practices. My reason for giving it 4 stars, I would have liked to have exercises to try with this course and actually apply the information learned.

  • RN
    Rishi Narang
    React with TypeScript
    14 days ago

    Its's awesome. I got all the doubts cleared in clear and concise manner especially related to useState and useReducer type checking. This coursed has boosted my confidence to use typescript in React.

  • Adithya NR
    15 days ago

    I loved the course! I learned a lot about TypeScript in a short period of time, thanks to this course.

  • Guilherme Sa
    15 days ago

    Lots of detail and time spent on intermediate to advanced stuff and the course was both challenging and encouraging. I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed that the editing style (ie. sometimes pausing the video and adding voice commentary, speeding up the video w/ audio overlay when necessary, etc) is similar to Tyler's other courses. It's very important that the voices at be seductive like Tyler's. Ok, soothing like Tyler's. :)

  • LG
    Leo Gonzalez
    React Hooks
    16 days ago

    I took Tyler's redux course a few years ago. This time I came back to retake the course (and brush up a bit on my skills).

  • Anesti Gjikoka
    Modern JavaScript
    17 days ago

    Perfect, thank you!

  • JL
    Jonathan lee
    Modern JavaScript
    20 days ago

    It was nice! I appreciate content being delivered in small chunks, as I don't always have the time and/or energy to sit through a long period of learning.

  • A
    Modern JavaScript
    21 days ago

    Thank you for your time. It was a nice refresher on the old as well as upcoming features of the language.

  • Miika Luiro
    22 days ago

    This course certainly delivered what it had promised! After this course I have a comprehensive view of TypeScript and I'm confident to start using it in my next project.