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We empower developers with comprehensive learning resources for mastering the JavaScript ecosystem.

We're passionate about


Just because you know how to write code doesn't mean you can teach it. For good or bad, we probably spend more time thinking about education than we do about the latest tech stack.


We're proud of the business we've created and the principles by which we operate. Full transparency allows us to demonstrate that, while also making for quicker, more informed decision making.


A focused 40 hour week is better than a distracted 60. We optimize for output, not hours.

Student Success

Everything we do, across every aspect of the organization, is designed and optimized for student success. A student is successful only when they're able to take the technology they're learning and apply that knowledge towards a production codebase.

Sustainable Growth

"Growth at all costs" optimizes for death. We believe in a more sustainable strategy - one where you optimize for quality, not growth and raise money from customers, not venture capitalists.


On average, it takes us around 1,900 hours to create a new course. While others prioritize quantity, we optimize for quality. It's this reason why we only create content in-house. We simply can't get the quality we need with part-time contractors working nights and weekends.


The company belongs to its builders, not venture capitalists. Because we're bootstrapped, profitable, and have healthy margins, every employee gets a meaningful equity stake in the company while being first in line during a liquidity event.


  • Remote work is cool
  • Your work will have direct, meaningful impact
  • It's literally your job to stay as involved and informed in the technologies you like
  • Financially, we’re solid
    • ~2,800 subscribers
    • $700K ARR in 2019
    • Bootstrapped AF
  • We’ll pay you and give you meaningful ownership in the company.

What we're looking for

Must haves
  • You're kind
  • You're patient
  • You're empathetic
  • You're humble
  • You're teachable
  • You're passionate about education
  • You have 3+ years as a professional developer
  • Located in the United States (I know, sorry)
Nice to haves
  • Experience teaching technical topics
  • An active technical blog/channel
  • Experience and community involvement with one or more of
    • Vue
    • GraphQL
    • TypeScript
    • Svelte
    • Other?