React Newsletter #188


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Next.js Static Site Generation RFC

Allow Next.js to become fully hybrid by providing methods to do both static generation and server-side rendering on a per-page basis.

Two new data per-page fetching methods

  • getStaticProps - Opt-in to static generation (SSG) at next build time.
  • getServerProps - Opt-in to server-side rendering (SSR) which renders on-demand.

A new method for statically generating (SSG) a set of routes from dynamic sources

  • getStaticPaths - Return list of parameters for dynamic routes to do static generation (SSG)

This RFC exclusively discusses API additions. All new functionality is completely backwards compatible and can be incrementally adopted. This RFC introduces no deprecations.


React Table is a “headless” UI library

React Table is a headless utility, which means out of the box, it doesn’t render or supply any actual UI elements. You are in charge of utilizing the state and callbacks of the hooks provided by this library to render your own table markup. Why is this useful? Read this to find out.

Thinking in React Hooks

In this article, Amelia Wattenberger discusses the ”fundamental mindset change” that she feels every React developer needs to go through when switching from React class components to function components and hooks.

Why you should choose useState instead of useReducer

Bold title, right? While I don’t necessarily agree, different opinions are healthy. This is a guide to local and global state management via useState.


React developers are in demand on Vettery

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that’s changing the way people hire and get hired. Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today. Get started today.


AppLibsList | Collection of Libraries, Tools and Components for React

A great resource that lists and categorizes some of the most common and useful React libraries

The Modern Way to Use Promise- Based HTTP Requests: axios-hooks

All the axios awesomeness you are familiar with but simplified with Hooks.

  • Zero configuration, but configurable in case it’s needed.\r\n* One-line usage.
  • Super straightforward to use with server-side rendering.

Nectar MOSAIC | R2D2 For Kubernetes Clusters

Nectar MOSAIC is a copilot for Kubernetes users, built with React. It automates workflows, helps with root cause analyses, and always explains how and why it does things.

Blocks UI (alpha)

Blocks is an open source, JSX-based visual editor that comes with built-in components that are designed and implemented with Theme UI. The editor reads and writes production-ready React code.

16,680 Subscribers. Every Tuesday.