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The Numbers

  • 31 Topics
  • 357 Minutes of Video
  • 1,182 Words of Text
  • 6 Quizzes
  • 3 Projects

The Outline

  • Introduction

    • Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips

    In this section you'll learn what you should expect and how to get the most out of the course.

  • Middleware

    • (Project) Customizing Dispatch
    • (Project) Utilizing Redux Middleware
    • Redux Middleware
    • (Project) Logger Middleware
    • (Quiz) Redux Middleware

    In this section you'll learn why, how, and when to utilize Redux's Middleware feature.

  • react-redux

    • Downsides of React and Redux
    • React's Context API
    • (Project) Utilizing Context
    • (Project) Connecting Components to the Redux Store
    • (Project) Implementing connect
    • (Project) Using react-redux
    • (Quiz) react-redux

    In this section you'll learn how to more easily integrate React and Redux together with the react-redux library.

  • Real World Redux

    • (Project) Introduction to Polls
    • (Project) Starter Code
    • (Project) Authed User
    • (Project) Users
    • (Project) Loading
    • (Project) Answers
    • (Project) Shared
    • (Project) Logger
    • (Project) Leaderboard
    • (Project) Dashboard
    • (Project) Add Poll
    • (Project) Routes
    • (Project) Poll

    In this section we'll take everything we've learned up until this point and use it to build a real-world React and Redux (with Hooks) application.

  • The Store

    • What is the Store?
    • (Project) Create Store - Getting the State
    • (Project) Create Store - Listening to Changes
    • (Project) Create Store - Updating the State
    • (Project) The Reducer Function
    • (Project) Create Store - Dispatching Changes
    • (Project) Handling more Actions
    • (Project) Combining Reducers
    • Reducer Composition
    • (Project) Leveraging Constants
    • (Project) Action Creators
    • Review - The Store, Actions, and Reducers
    • (Quiz) The Store

    In this section you'll learn the most foundational part of Redux, the Store. The Store is where the state in a Redux application lives. Throughout this section you'll learn various techniques for adding, updating, and removing state from your Redux Store.

  • Redux and React

    • (Project) Adding in React
    • (Project) Dispatching Todos with React
    • (Project) Dispatching Goals with React
    • (Project) Lists with React and Redux
    • (Project) Toggling UI with Redux

    In this section you'll learn how to utilize Redux and React together from scratch.

  • Folder Structure

    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: Create React App
    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: Actions
    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: Reducers
    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: Middleware
    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: Components
    • (Project) Redux Folder Structure: The Store
    • Other Folder Structure Patterns

    In this section we'll refactor our app to a more common folder structure you'll see in a real-world project.

  • Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    Now that you know all about Redux, it's time to take that knowledge and apply it towards building a project on your own.

  • UI

    • (Project) App Scaffolding
    • (Project) Basic UI
    • (Project) Dispatching New Items
    • (Project) Subscribing for UI Updates
    • (Project) Dispatching to Remove Items
    • (Project) This is Redux
    • Review - UI
    • (Quiz) - UI

    In the previous section you'll have built your own state management library. In this section, you'll learn how to integrate that library with an interface.

  • Async Redux

    • (Project) Handling Initial Data
    • (Project) Loading States with Redux
    • (Project) Optimistically Deleting Items
    • (Project) Optimistically Toggling Todos
    • (Project) Persisting Items
    • (Project) Custom Thunk
    • More on Thunks
    • (Project) Thunkify Goals
    • (Project) Thunkify Todos
    • (Project) Thunkify Initial Data
    • (Project) Redux Thunk Middleware
    • More Asynchronous Options
    • (Quiz) Async Redux

    In this section you'll learn how, utilizing the Redux Thunk pattern, you can integrate Redux with asynchronous code.

  • Hooks

    • Why React Hooks?
    • Redux Hooks
    • (Quiz) Redux Hooks
    • (Project) Refactor

    react-redux 7.1 introduced some custom Hooks that make integrating Redux into a React app much more enjoyable. In this section, we'll learn what those are and integrate them into our app.

  • The Love

    This is the part where we're supposed to tell you how great the course is. Even better if we get other "famous" developers to give their "reviews". Instead, we'll let those who have actually taken the course do that.


    87 Reviews

    • RK
      Rajan Kashyap
      52 days ago


    • RL
      Ryan Lin
      7 months ago

      Best course ever on understanding Redux fundamentals and what's going on under the hood.

    • R
      9 months ago

      This is the best course I've ever had!!!

    • OU
      Ozgur Uk
      10 months ago

      I used Redux in many projects, but I never felt comfortable using Redux until taking this course. Thank you Tyler!

    • Avatar for Aparna Ashwin Krishna
      Aparna A.
      2 years ago

      I have been going through several of beginner and advanced React courses online. Though the other courses have these large applications built out, I wasnt feeling confident enough or rather I was feeling shaky about my concepts. Your course taught me what was going on underneath all those abstractions in the code and you offer fantastic coding tips! Extremely happy to have come across your courses! Bless the day I checked a reddit post on react courses !!

    • Avatar for 
      2 years ago

      Great resource if You want to really understand the not only principles and Redux flow, but what's more (and for me most valuable) you get a chance have Redux looks work under the hood, because of huge part of the course that it's focused on recreating core concepts. \nI highly recommend all Tyler courses, but this one especially stole my heart :)

    • Avatar for 
Amen Moja Ra
      Amen Moja Ra
      2 years ago

      I watch this course again and I really love the simple approach that it takes to learning Redux. An I really love I got to actually create the Redux Library.

    • Avatar for 
      2 years ago

      This is my third course, and one more time I have to say, this is the right place to learn. Thank you!

    • Avatar for 
Matheus Lustosa
      Matheus Lustosa
      2 years ago

      This is - by far! - the best redux course I've ever had. So useful that I can now teach my colleagues at work, with confidence, about the inner workings of redux and demystify the "complexity" of it. It is extremely simple! Thanks a lot Tyler, you're my best friend.

    • Avatar for 
      2 years ago

      The best Redux course that exists! \nYou don't just learn how to use Redux, first you create Redux, create Connect and then use the Redux library to create an app. Amazing course!

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