Mastering async data with React Query

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with Tanner Linsley

Creator of React Query

Come learn with Tanner for 60 minutes in a replay of this awesome event where he demonstrated how to take your API and async data consumption from zero to hero in React using React Query.

You’ll learn the tech and patterns to fetch, cache, update and synchronize data to and from your React applications with ease. You’ll learn specific topics like making queries, performing mutations, pagination, infinite and incremental loading. And you’ll walk away with a better understanding of server-state vs UI-state, how to spot them in the wild and ultimately how handle them appropriately.

This was the first-ever ui.dev event 🎉, and it set a really high standard for the rest. Tanner jumped right into live coding to help us see React Query in action in a workshop-like setting.

If you've never used React Query before and are wondering what all the hype's about, this talk is perfect for you.

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