Visualizing App Logic with XState

Avatar for David Khourshid

with David Khourshid

Founder at Stately

The more features and bug fixes you add to your apps, the more complicated app logic is to understand. State machines and statecharts can eliminate confusion by helping you declaratively model even the most complex logic visually.

In this event, David K (the creator of XState) helped us explore how these decades-old concepts can be applied to the code we write everyday, and how XState, a JavaScript statecharts library that he created, can make app logic more clear, less error-prone, and visualized in real-time.

This whole event is basically non-stop live coding, which was really fun to follow along with. David started with a basic alarm app and built it up, adding more and more requirements. Then, he showed us how we could use XState to make our code a lot more straightforward with less errors.

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