Writing & Compiling Your Own Language to WebAssembly

Avatar for Jay Phelps

with Jay Phelps

Co-founder at Outsmartly

Creating your own programming language, even a simple one, can be extremely rewarding. Not only is it fun to experiment with new syntax designs, but demystifying how they work can help you better understand the benefits, tradeoffs, and optimization strategies of the popular programming languages you use every day.

In this event, Jay walked us through basics that make up a compiler, shared some tips on language design, and helped us live code our own simple programming language called JayScript that compiles to WebAssembly.

This talk was pretty advanced (our minds were melting by the end), but it was a great way to stretch ourselves and learn about 2 fascinating topics -- WebAssembly and building a programming language from scratch.

Jay was a great speaker and teacher who made it easy to follow along, while still packing a lot of great stuff into 1 hour.

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