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  • DN
    Daniel Nehring
    9 days ago

    I loved how this course was very much targeted at intermediate/professional javascript users. I feel like this course has helped me develop an intuition around how to think about typescript. The course cadence is smooth and each section feels is appropriately ordered.

  • RH
    Robert Hanna
    9 days ago

    Really fantastic course. If you're interested in TypeScript at all I can not think of a better value for your time. Each lesson builds upon the last so you are never left confused when the more advanced topics are covered. It's obvious a lot of work went into making this and the quality reflects that.

  • R
    Advanced JavaScript
    10 days ago

    I think this is one the best resources for learning advanced javascript. Tyler makes it so easy that you actually don't think that you've learnt it until you start exploring stuff (or in my case, go back to work). And I can't even begin to thank you for supporting the parity pricing. That was one of the reasons I was actually able to try this course

  • A
    Modern JavaScript
    14 days ago

    Tyler, I really enjoyed this course. Though I was familiar with most of the subjects, it was great to learn about it in-depth, step by step, and see how and why things developed as they did. Making sense of these subjects makes it so much easier to remember them.

  • SH
    Sean Healey
    15 days ago

    Fantastic course. You can tell Alex put a lot of time and thought into how to structure everything so you feel the learning comes natural.

  • DL
    David Leon
    Advanced JavaScript
    15 days ago

    Awesome course! Learned a lot! Super recommended!

  • Sam Brown
    Advanced JavaScript
    17 days ago

    Having started off learning ES6, this helped me easily understand what is happening under the hood.

  • Kajetan August
    Modern JavaScript
    18 days ago

    This course not only teaches you new concepts in ES6 but helps you understand how they work and what's under the hood.

  • MM
    Mayilavan Manickam
    React Hooks
    18 days ago

    I loved it and you have nailed the topics.

  • GM
    Glenn Mills
    22 days ago

    Was part of the Beta test group and loved it. Great work!