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    Ahamed Yaseer

    9 days ago


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    Ahamed Yaseer

    9 days ago

    Great content and recommend for all level of React developers.

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    13 days ago


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    Eugene Ignatov

    14 days ago

    I found it pretty easy to understand all at the beginning , however when course progress it was way more challenging and hard to grasp some topics. Overall great explanations.

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    19 days ago

    I have done at least three React courses and this is the best of them all. It allows you to dive deeper and advice is given on the best use of react. Outstanding.

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    Kirk Is

    20 days ago

    Very good mix of lessons (readable or video) and challenging but not wackadoodle programming challenges.

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    Martí Serra Molina

    31 days ago

    It was very detailed and covered a lot of things.

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    31 days ago

    I completed the course, it was AMAZING. The content is very clear and summarized. I liked it, highly recommended.

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    Alexander Barkhatov

    31 days ago

    The course is simply amazing. It is even better than I imagined when I first saw the announcement. It has definitely improved my confidence in working with React. The explanations are thorough but not boring, the exercises are fun and well-structured, and you get to play with a bunch of Web APIs along the way.

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    Julio Teixeira

    33 days ago

    I just finished the course, it was an amazing, great experience, as a senior React developer I can easily recommend this course to anyone into React query or remote state management