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  • Avatar for Terri  Wong
    Terri Wong

    15 hours ago

    It's spot on! A great course even for folks who have been working with JavaScript for years. It's concise and on-point, a great refresher in a short period of time. Awesome ROI indeed.

  • Avatar for Assan zidan
    Assan zidan

    2 days ago

    This course was very interesting_thank you

  • Avatar for Tye Porter
    Tye Porter

    7 days ago

    Best course I have taken on React. Tyler teaches from first principles and then goes into more advanced topics. Straight forward and practical. Loved it!

  • Avatar for Gabriel Manussakis
    Gabriel Manussakis

    10 days ago

    I've bought a lot of programming courses over my career, but none of them were worth as much as this one.

  • Avatar for Robert Glatzel
    Robert Glatzel

    11 days ago

    Started with this course as a refresher, and am surprised at how much I learned / didn't know as well as I probably should! Really well presented and easy to follow.

  • Avatar for Caio Freitas
    Caio Freitas

    14 days ago

    i think this lesson spent way too much time on react class components and redux vs react functional components and redux.

  • Avatar for Cynthia

    16 days ago

    Outstanding course. Great explanations, quizzes, exercises. Thanks!

  • Avatar for Katie

    17 days ago

    I'm a bootcamp grad and took this to better understand some key concepts. Tyler has a great ability to turn complex ideas into digestible information. Exactly what I was looking for, really well done

  • Avatar for Hung

    20 days ago

    This course is greate!!

  • Avatar for Andres Ausecha Mosquera
    Andres A.

    21 days ago

    Awesome course, I learnt the details for using this great hook in my current and future projects, the content and possibilities to practice were also very well planned thank you very much