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  • LC
    Luis Chavez

    46 hours ago

    Great course.

  • Avatar for Claire

    4 days ago

    Awesome course thank you! This is the only course anyone needs to go from zero to pro to use TypeScript with React. Worth every penny :)

  • Avatar for Wendy Kurniawan
    Wendy Kurniawan

    6 days ago

    This course is good as it goes in-depth rather than only practical part

  • Avatar for Allan Carvalho
    Allan Carvalho

    7 days ago

    Great course, thanks.

  • Avatar for Aldiyar Aspandiyar
    Aldiyar Aspandiyar

    7 days ago

    I really enjoyed this course. It has a lot of useful patterns, which could be used in many other projects. The Github Battle project was quite challenging, but a very fun thing to work on. The explanations were neat. Thank you for your work and contribution!

  • G

    9 days ago

    A very good one!

  • Avatar for Hadi Babaei
    Hadi Babaei

    11 days ago

    this course was awesome.

  • Avatar for Baptiste

    16 days ago

    Amazing course! Thanks. Rebuild the basic and learn this somethings new, it's always amazing. Peaaace

  • Avatar for B.M. Fahad-ul-Amin
    B.M. Fahad-ul-Amin

    19 days ago

    If the course was updated with typescript to begin with, that would've been awsome

  • Avatar for ProgSaleh

    25 days ago

    I always thought I understand useState, useEffect, useReducer but taking this course, I learned A LOT of things about those and other hooks! Thank you very much Tyler You're making great work 3>