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  • Avatar for Kaushal Sharma
    Kaushal Sharma

    2 days ago

    Everything explained from the first principles.

  • TO
    Ted Olsen

    13 days ago

    If you're at a fresh start or have been dabbling and are ready to bring it all together, this course is fantastic. They hammer the fundamentals so you really get to understand what React is about, and make sure it sticks with challenges at each step. It helps that the UX is slick and easy to look at too. I feel like I'm writing ad copy but it really is this good!

  • I

    19 days ago

    Thank you digging into the fundamentals. Nice refresher!

  • Avatar for Sergey

    22 days ago

    Even as a developer who's been working with React for the past six or so years I found the course extremely valuable and informative and actually learned a lot of new stuff about React while also solidifying (and sometimes invalidating) my previous knowledge. The course is nicely done, it has both videos and transcripts, it's entertaining, there are interactive diagrams that help understand complex concepts, and the exercises are actually interesting to do. Good stuff

  • Avatar for Jennifer

    32 days ago

    Before this course, hooks were concepts that I would work around. They were obstacles that I had to overcome to produce the result I wanted. react.gg has changed that for me - they are no longer obstacles, they are tools. The knowledge this course has given me has completely reframed my mental model of React and I'm thankful to the team at ui.dev for producing it.

  • Avatar for Sakshi Chaudhary
    Sakshi Chaudhary

    37 days ago

    Good refresher for people who are already familiar with JavaScript and a good brief introduction for the beginners as well.

  • Avatar for Manuel Robles
    Manuel Robles

    40 days ago

    I loved the way it was structured, with theoretical but not boring sessions complemented with some quiz and an amazing hands on building a library, I had fun and learned a lot at the same time, thanks for create this course.

  • K

    41 days ago

    The visual representation of complex topics, when then made these easy to absorb

  • I

    41 days ago

    Revisiting the fundamentals is always great. Glad I could spend time on this amazing course.

  • Avatar for Mahmoud Anwar
    Mahmoud Anwar

    44 days ago

    It has a lot of useful information even if you thought that you knew react very well.