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  • Avatar for Habeeb Kareem
    Habeeb Kareem

    24 hours ago

    The nexus between the topics, quizzes, project implementation and practices is impressive. I also appreciate the way approaches's pros and cons were introduced, discussed and solved. Great work and thank you for putting this course together.

  • Avatar for Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    3 days ago

    I'm mostly a backend/AI software engineer (used to work at Google, lots of C++ and python) but not a frontend person, using this course to learn about React/JS. I'm most of the way through the course now, and it was great. I'm fairly new to React, and had read several books etc, but this clarified things much more than my reading did. Also, although it starts out easy, the course ramps up in difficulty, so I think there is something for everyone here.Since I'm new to JS in general, so learning about some of the browser APIs was also useful for me. The main (positive) surprise I had was that often the videos went too fast for me in places and I had to rewind and rewatch sections, pausing to give me time to think (normally I find videos too slow and always watch at 2x, but on this one I only did 1.5x or 2x in a few places and 1x more often since it was already running at a good pace). I liked it that it wasn't full of slow, boring, fluff content. I had to stay engaged the whole time.The videos are also delivered in written-out text form, with slightly different content, and that was really useful to give me more time to process. Great idea to include both. The course is highly interactive, and this is a great help for learning. I found myself pretty humbled by most of the coding challenges, since I usually was failing at least one test, and often had to look at the hints to get unstuck. That's a great sign that I had a lot to learn and that it's sufficiently challenging.

  • MF
    Michael Foster

    4 days ago

    Turned my intutitions into deep knowledge.

  • Avatar for Edward Chung
    Edward Chung

    6 days ago

    Just finished all the released sections of react.gg, learnt a ton and cleared a lot of react concepts. I would say the first few sections are excellent. Thanks! However, things begin to fall apart a bit in "rebuilding useHooks" as some of the code are not up to production level. It would be way better if the author team would be more responsive in the discussion.

  • DB
    David Badia

    7 days ago

    Amazing course, it combines theoretical and practise parts.

  • Avatar for Oliver Phillip Roer
    Oliver Phillip Roer

    7 days ago

    It was a great introduction to Redux! I really like the approach you've taken of building your own mini-Redux from the ground up, to then swap in the real package. I had moments where I was initially disappointed to see things being done in an "outdated" way, e.g. using class-based components, but then you later show how this can now be swapped out with functional components using hooks. I think that's a good way to arrive at the final solution, giving a solid understanding of why we would want to write it this way - however, I think it might be good to make it clear up front that you're essentially taking the "long tour", and that people following the course should "stay seated" until we reach the end. One thing that is really unfortunate though, is that it doesn't cover how to write "modern" Redux using Redux Toolkit, but instead teaches the "old" way of writing Redux, which requires a lot of boilerplate. I'd love to see this course get an update, or at least leave a note at the end that people should check out the Redux Toolkit.

  • Avatar for Moshe Katz
    Moshe Katz

    9 days ago

    Love the teaching method (learn -> quiz -> task -> solution), would be great if the course was adjusted to v6.4

  • Avatar for Nick

    10 days ago

    People who already have their basics ironed out will benefit from taking this course. I do possess basic knowledge of JS, to some extent. But this course was a bit too far ahead for me. I'll need to work on my basics more. Overall it's a great piece of knowledge and I do not regret spending money on it. I might re-watch this course later. I hope ui.dev will create another course, "intro to js" soon. :)

  • Avatar for Kemkeng Aurelien
    Kemkeng Aurelien

    11 days ago

    very explicit and cover many core concept

  • MF
    Michael Foster

    14 days ago

    Great pace and tenor of explanations. Takes you from 0 to 100 on a topic so quickly.