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  • Avatar for ProgSaleh

    37 hours ago

    I'm very happy and satisfied! I've learned much much more than I expected. I'm really fascinated how important and useful this course is. Thank you very much.

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    Gabriel Manussakis

    6 days ago

    Great course, excellent content!

  • RA
    Ratko Amanovic

    13 days ago

    Great course, but too much crossover with Modern JS course, it would be better to have Begginer, Advance, Modern or something like that

  • Avatar for Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas

    15 days ago

    Very concise course with very useful information. Would have loved to see more TypeScript being used with more advanced React patters

  • D

    16 days ago

    Detailed yet simply explained. Seams that course encompasses experienced as well as beginner type of learner. Elements currently talked about highlighted with neat animations or simply with cursor. Apologizing tone for any potentially confusing part. Whole is intelligently constructed. Logical smooth sailing.

  • Avatar for Devender kumar
    Devender kumar

    18 days ago

    testing section is difficult to understand... plese make some vedio on testing...as there are lot of new terms involved in this section... 😟

  • Avatar for vb

    18 days ago

    Extremely insightful - The way Tyler breaks Redux down into simple terms is genius. Redux has for a long time been a bit perplexing to me because of all the moving parts. However, by rebuilding Redux from the ground up in this course, the inner-workings became easily digestable. I can finally swallow my kite-runner shame at work whenenever I with redux because I finally understand what the hell is going on! My only complaint... The final project could use a quick update, specifically with respect to react-router. There were some other lower level issues (e.g., peer dependencies from Tyler's 'react-redux-loading' npm package), but this was only a minor inconvenience for an otherwise excellent course. I will recommend this to all my junior colleagues and friends who want to gain a better understanding of redux. Thanks UI team!

  • Avatar for David

    18 days ago

    The course was amazing. Many notions that are being overly complicated somewhere else, are clearly described here. I have left some feedback regarding separate lessons, but overall the course is top tier. Thank you very much!

  • Avatar for Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas

    25 days ago

    Really like the very focused and straight to the point approach. I had previous TS experience and this course help me consolidate concepts and also learn some pretty nice tricks. Would have loved to have more exercises, specially on the advanced topics like type transformations and operations.

  • Avatar for Joshua Rangan
    Joshua Rangan

    25 days ago

    Very detailed. The projects help a lot. Thank you