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The Numbers

  • 11 Topics
  • 186 Minutes of Video
  • 29,665 Words of Text
  • 11 Quizzes

The Outline

  • Execution Contexts

    • The Ultimate Guide to Execution Contexts, Hoisting, Scopes, and Closures in JavaScript

    In this section you'll get a solid understanding of the most important topic in JavaScript, execution contexts. Along the way you'll learn other critical topics like hoisting, scopes, and closures.

  • Async JavaScript

    • The Evolution of Async JavaScript: From Callbacks, to Promises, to Async/Await

    In this section you'll learn about the historical context as well as the pros and cons behind the three most popular JavaScript async patterns - Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await.

  • Inheritance

    • JavaScript Inheritance and the Prototype Chain

    Inheritance is a principle of Object Oriented Programming. In this section you'll learn how to accomplish inheritance in JavaScript in both ES5 as well as ES6.

  • The 'this' Keyword

    • Understanding the this keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript

    The 'this' keyword is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of JavaScript. In this section you'll learn how to tell what the 'this' keyword is referencing as well as other related topics like .call, .apply, and .bind.

  • JavaScript's Prototype

    • A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript's Prototype

    In this section you'll learn a variety of patterns for instantiating new objects in JavaScript and in doing so will gain a deep understanding of JavaScript's prototype.

  • Modules

    • JavaScript Modules: From IIFEs to CommonJS to ES6 Modules

    In this section you'll learn all about JavaScript modules including the IIFE pattern, CommonJS, and ES6 Modules.

  • The Event Loop

    • The JavaScript Event Loop: A Simple Guide

    In this section you'll learn how JavaScript, a single threaded synchronous language, can process tasks asynchronously using help from its environment and the event loop.

  • Class Fields

    • JavaScript Private and Public Class Fields

    In this section you'll learn about Private and Public Class Fields in JavaScript, when to use them and how they're useful.

  • Bonus Time

    • JavaScript Composition vs Inheritance
    • JavaScript Array Methods you should know
    • Creating your own JavaScript Array

    Everything else you should probably know.

  • The Love

    This is the part where we're supposed to tell you how great the course is. Even better if we get other "famous" developers to give their "reviews". Instead, we'll let those who have actually taken the course do that.


    175 Reviews

    • EN
      Elizabeth N.
      13 days ago

      Great course! I loved the fact that you drive us through how to create things that would make JS easier to handle just to tell us at the end that actually exist already.

    • Avatar for Tayte Stokes
      Tayte Stokes
      18 days ago

      I decided to go through this course to sharpen up on some Javascript knowledge and Tyler makes it super easy to understand.

    • GM
      George Mantzouranis
      27 days ago

      Very good as introductory lessons or pure reminders. Thank you.

    • PC
      Puru Chaudhary
      27 days ago

      This course was the best! Coz somehow it explained in deatil everything i did not know and was a concise review of things that i already knew.

    • SM
      Sajid Montachir
      39 days ago


    • KD
      Karthikeyan Dever
      43 days ago

      eye opener

    • RH
      Rudy Hasbun
      44 days ago

      Very comprehensive and easy to follow

    • SD
      Steven Doig
      47 days ago

      Cemented my understanding of important JS concepts.

    • Avatar for Bogdan Bryzh
      Bogdan Bryzh
      50 days ago

      This was, and I cannot stress this enough, the best course I've ever taken in my life. Like, for real ❤️

    • AE
      Abdalla Elmeligy
      55 days ago

      nice course

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