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  • Effort

    We're obsessed with making the most effective developer education content on the planet. On average, it takes us around 1,900 hours to create a new course. While others prioritize quantity, we optimize for quality.

  • Non-Contextual Analysis

    The first time you're introduced to a topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. Although it takes more time, our non-contextual analysis comes in two forms, video and text. This way, no matter how you prefer to learn, there's an option for you.

  • Quiz

    Nothing fancy here. After learning about the topic you'll receive a quiz to make sure you have a solid conceptual understanding before moving on to the hands-on practice.

  • Non-Contextual Practice

    Similar to the non-contextual analysis, context is everything. The first time you're hands-on with a new topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. This is why we first have you work through small, focused practice problems before you ever see the new topic in the context of a larger project.

  • Contextual Practice

    You've probably experienced it before, you feel like you're learning so much going through a tutorial only to hit a wall once it's time to actually apply that knowledge outside of the context of the tutorial. All the non-contextual practice in the world is useless if you're not then able to take that knoweldge and apply it towards a (contextual) production level codebase.

The Result?

Subject Mastery

The ability to take what you learn and apply it towards a production codebase


  • After taking a few course from Tyler, I went ahead with this without any second thought, and man it was totally worth my time. Right now I feel like a react-redux ninja :) As you go through the course, you can realize how much effort and passion Tyler have put into creating it for us. Thanks a ton Tyler.

  • This React course was as React itself. Simple, clear and brilliant. Thanks Tyler for the effort! I liked the detail and structure of this course and I liked it is not the 999 beginner React tutorial. ;)

  • Rarely do you find someone who can explain and execute JS like Tyler. He has an uncanny ability to explain Javascript with real life metaphors and examples that make things 'click' in your brain. At least for me anyways. Truly grateful! :)

  • There's no shortage of resources for learning React and Javascript, but this is hands down the best of the various courses / workshops I've done. As an experienced Angular developer looking to pick up React, I found this massively useful and the right level of detail. I especially liked the complementary articles and explanations of the Javascript principles that underlie the different features in React. Great stuff all around, thank you very much Tyler!

  • This course was fantastic at helping me fill in gaps in my knowledge and truly understand some of the concepts that I had been using "in the dark" without full comprehension. Easy to understand, and very well explained.

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  • What makes these courses different from other online courses?

    Our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently write production-ready code. The tradeoff is it will require more work and focus than a course that features a few bite-sized screencasts. Real learning takes time, but you can feel confident that once you've finished a course, you’ll have mastered everything you need to know with minimal knowledge gaps.

  • Do the courses have captions?


  • How long should I expect each course to take?

    Naturally, it depends. Considering all our courses are comprised of video, text, quizzes, practice problems, and curriculum - 15-30 hours per course is a safe assumption.

  • In which order should I take the courses?

    If you're comfortable with JavaScript (including ES6) and want to jump straight to React, go with "React", "React Hooks", then any other course that looks interesting. If you're not comfortable with JavaScript, start with "Modern JavaScript", then "Advanced JavaScript", then any other course you'd like.

  • What level of experience is required for getting the most out of these courses?

    A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight in to the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.

  • How does the subscription work?

    Like Netflix. You pay $40 per month or $350 per year for access to all our courses, premium newsletters, and events. Your subscription will be active until you cancel, which you can do at any time in your dashboard.

  • I need an official invoice with certain fields like VAT. Can I get one?

    Once you sign up, as part of the welcome email, you'll be given a link to fill out where you can input all your company's info.

  • What projects will I build throughout the courses

    You can find every project on the /projects page.


Course Ratings

  • JJ
    Joe Johnson
    2 days ago

    A lot of the concepts and lessons for this course assume that you've been programming much longer than I have been. As a result, there were several stages of the course where I felt that I was out of my league and that I was ill-prepared. Tyler's instructional style and the course docs and videos are very straight-forward and scaffolded well. I learned a lot, but it's very obvious that my foundational programming skills are lacking and that I should look elsewhere and spend a lot more time in more introductory JavaScript courses before returning to this site. I certainly don't regret paying for the course, though, and I can see the value of this site and its courses and will be returning when I have learned more of the prerequisite programming skills needed to be more successful.

  • A
    3 days ago

    Really amazing course. Tyler breaks down the why as well as the how on React and this went a long way in helping my understanding of the material. Definitely worth the subscription.

  • BR
    Balajee Raghbendra
    Modern JavaScript
    5 days ago

    Great value for time spent. To the point and clear explanations.

  • EG
    Eric Gamarra
    React Hooks
    5 days ago

    I learned so much in the span of less than a week between this course and the basic React course. Concept clarity at its finest.

  • Morgan Fogarty
    Modern JavaScript
    12 days ago

    I really like the way Tyler teaches. This was a great review!

  • Sean Kelliher
    12 days ago

    Overall, I found the course helpful. I didn't know anything about React. Now, I know something about React. The course structure alternates between instructional chapters where you learn a new skill and a project chapter where you deploy that skill to build another part of the app you are creating. Having the two parts is helpful. Some of the instructional chapters are long and can be IMHO confusing. You learn various ways of doing something (this is probably good). But, as a result, you're often sort of doing something, then undoing it when a better way is introduced a little later on. The React course does take a lot of time. Sometimes, I spent an hour or two on a chapter when the video is only about 10 or 15 minutes. I stopped and started the video and took really detailed notes. Hopefully, this pays off in the long run.

  • CZ
    Christie Ziegler
    Advanced JavaScript
    13 days ago

    This course explains some very scary topics (like prototypes and hoisting) in a very accessible manner. It makes you realize that these topics aren't so complicated after all.

  • EH
    Erica Hill
    14 days ago

    This course was great. It was a challenging course but easy to get through. I like that there's an additional project at the end to work through independently.

  • Luis Chacon
    15 days ago

    I really liked this course. I enjoyed it a lot and I considered it's truly helpful for learning React. I think Tyler is a great teacher.

  • S
    Advanced JavaScript
    17 days ago

    I just went through advanced js and it was very well structured and explained. The course goes through the entire flow behind the creation and use of each feature, really cool way to explain stuff.