Weekly talks by the best developers, builders, and minds in the JavaScript ecosystem.

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    Thursday October 29th, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Ben Hong

    Introduction to Vue 3

    Ben Hong

    In today's modern tech stack, it can be overwhelming to decide which JavaScript framework to invest in. Fortunately, frameworks have learned from one another and pushed each other forward over time. With the recent release of Vue 3, some are probably wondering, "Is Vue a good fit for my next project?" In this talk, we will be covering the fundamentals of Vue 3, and how it compares with other modern frameworks.

    Thursday November 12th, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Jen Luker

    How Forbidden Planet Cured My Imposter Syndrome

    Jen Luker

    Come with me on an adventure with a heroic robot, a mad scientist, a feminist, a pilot, and our monster, imposter syndrome. Let me share how a sci-fi movie from 1956, starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen, taught me how to recognize imposter syndrome not as the monster hell-bent on ruining my romance with an ever-evolving development ecosystem, but as a tool to prevent burnout.

Past Events

    Thursday October 22nd, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Nader Dabit

    Next.js on AWS

    Nader Dabit

    With dynamic routing, API routes, static site generation, server rendered routes, and more – NextJS is becoming more and more powerful and popular. On the back end, we often need an easy way to integrate features like authentication, APIs, storage, and machine learning, but do not want to build these ourselves from scratch. In this talk, Nader will show you how to take advantage of everything NextJS has to offer combined with the scalability of Serverless AWS – focused on front-end developers and leveraging our existing skillet to build full stack serverless applications. This talk will cover: Deploying Next.JS to Lambda at edge, SSR and SSG API calls, Authentication / Authorization (server & client), Fetching and interacting with data sources (server & client), Deploying and managing user session and data authorization in server-rendered routes, Deploying and managing user session and data authorization in API Routes, Putting it all together, By the end of the talk, you should have a good understanding of how to deploy a NextJS app to AWS and add these features using just JavaScript and your existing front-end skillset.

    Thursday October 15th, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Mark Erikson

    Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit

    Mark Erikson

    Join Redux maintainer Mark Erikson as we see how modern Redux usage has evolved, featuring Redux Toolkit: the official recommended toolset for efficient Redux development. We'll review the existing common patterns for using Redux, the problems Redux Toolkit was designed to solve, and how RTK improves your Redux code and development experience. We'll also see how RTK works with the React-Redux hooks API in your React components, and look at some of the recommendations and best practices that will help you write better Redux apps.

    Thursday October 8th, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Liz Parody

    Examining Observability in Node.js

    Liz Parody

    Imagine your productivity and confidence developing web apps without chrome dev tools. Many do exactly that with Node.js. It is important to observe and learn what’s happening in your app to stay competitive and create the most performant and efficient Node.js applications, following the best practices. In this talk, we will explore useful tools to examine your Node.js applications and how observability will speed up development, produce better code while improving reliability and uptime. Don’t miss it!

    Thursday October 1st, 11AM PDT

  • Avatar for Ben Ilegbodu

    TypeScript + React = ❤️

    Ben Ilegbodu

    TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that compiles down to vanilla JavaScript and has become increasingly popular. TypeScript proponents proclaim that it eliminates entire classes of bugs that affect our applications. But what exactly are those bugs? Which ones are particular to building React components and applications? Is TypeScript worth the learning curve?

    Thursday September 24th, 12PM PDT

  • Avatar for Harry Wolff

    The 1 Hour Crash Course to React Hooks

    Harry Wolff

    Wondering what React Hooks are and why you should use them? Then you should come to this talk. Together you'll learn everything you need to know about React Hooks: why they were created, what you can use them for, and how each different Hook works. You'll walk through live code examples and have in-depth discussions about the strengths of each Hook. By the end of this talk you'll have everything you need to know to start using React Hooks in your own applications.

    Thursday June 25th, 1PM PDT

  • Avatar for Tanner Linsley

    Cached in 60 Minutes - Mastering async data with React Query

    Tanner Linsley

    Come learn with Tanner for 60 minutes as he demonstrate how to take your API and async data consumption from zero to hero in React using React Query. You'll learn the tech and patterns to fetch, cache, update and synchronize data to and from your React applications with ease. You'll learn specific topics like making queries, performing mutations, pagination, infinite and incremental loading. You'll walk away with a better understanding of server-state vs UI-state, how to spot them in the wild and ultimately how handle them appropriately.

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