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Tanner Linsley and ui.dev teamed up with this course to help you start building React Query apps like a pro.

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Our linear course is like having a smart, experienced friend sit down next to you, walk you through each concept, and apply what you learn. It’s our secret sauce.

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Developers love our courses because of how we break concepts down into small chunks, teach you the “why” behind it, and make it fun.


What you'll learn:

  1. Queries
  2. Network Resiliency
  3. Revalidation
  4. Pagination
  5. Advanced Queries
  6. Mutations
  7. Getting Production Ready
  8. Build A Real World Project

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React Query helps you avoid technical debt. We’ll help you master React Query.

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Looks like a solid investment to me!

Spencer W.'s avatar
Spencer W.


Hands down one of the best courses I've taken. It balances all aspects of the learning experience from videos to practice projects. I highly recommend this to anyone at any point in their career.

Blaine G's avatar
Blaine G


I was really nervous to start using React Query at work, but this course helped so much!! I felt like all the tricky parts of React Query finally just clicked.

Jordyn M.'s avatar
Jordyn M.


Loved getting to build a real app with RQ! That was so helpful. It was great practice and helped me feel ready to use React Query in the real world.

Rowan J.'s avatar
Rowan J.


They start from the very basics and help you to create a better mental model regardless of experience. I now feel confident using React Query in my own apps going forward.

Faraz A.'s avatar
Faraz A.


So nice to have all the React Query concepts laid out from start to finish in one place like this. Definitely helped me learn it way faster.


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  • + 35 quizzes and practice scenarios
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  • + Personalized help on our platform
  • + Lifetime access to course

Est value of live workshop - $650

"This course is the best way to learn React Query, and the best way to support my open source work”
- Tanner Linsley

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