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Congratulations, you’re a software developer!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hero-worshipped architect at Amazon who sits on Twitter all day, or a new developer just starting to build your first apps. Everyone deals with the same issues, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

So what’s the solution? Giving us money, obviously.

Welcome to ui.dev – everything you need to succeed as a modern JavaScript developer.

We're obsesessed with helping our members achieve their developer goals. We do that in 3 ways: community, courses, and events.





The truth is, we need another "developer community" like we need another front-end framework - we don't. We don’t need another subreddit. Or another Slack channel. Or even another Discord server.

The issue is all of the existing developer communities optimize for the wrong things. They're a place to avoid work, not run towards it. Distractions over delivery. Entertainment over education.

Since we couldn't find the right community, as any good confident engineers would do, we decided to build it.

ui.dev community screenshot

What to expect.

Personalized onboarding

After you join, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a personalized onboarding call. In this call we'll get to know you, learn about what you're trying to achieve as a developer, and suggest an individualized plan to help you get there.


You decide what technologies you want to learn, we’ll help you make a plan to learn them. You'll track your progress in the community getting help from others who've accomplished a similar journey and support from those going through the same one.

Supercharged projects

You’ll have a dedicated space for each of your projects where you can set goals, update your progress, share with others, ask for feedback, and build in public. Like Github for everything but the code.

Zoom co-working

We host co-working sessions over Zoom where members and instructors work directly on their journeys or projects. It'll be the most productive time of your week.

Content Library

We've been doing this content thing for a while now. You'll get access to our full content library with the ability to ask questions on anything that isn't clear.


Weekly talks and workshops by the best developers, builders, and teachers in the JavaScript ecosystem. You'll get exclusive access to all former and future Events - all within the community.

Weekly standups with the team

This is your backstage pass to see how we’re building the company. You can ask questions, give feedback, and maybe get a little inspiration for your own side hustle.


We want you to succeed in your developer journey and we're willing to do whatever it takes to keep you motivated and on the road to success.

Genuine connection

Simply put, you’re going to meet some of your favorite people in the world in here. People who will inspire, help, challenge, and push you. People from all types of backgrounds who are here because, like you, they’re trying to do the hardest but best thing in the entire world – learn, build, and grow.


We're obsessed with making the most effective developer courses on the planet. On average, it takes us around 1,500 hours to create a new course. While others prioritize quantity, we optimize for quality.

ui.dev course screenshots

Each course follows the same proven format.

  • Non-Contextual Introduction

    The first time you're introduced to a topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. Although it takes more time, our non-contextual introduction comes in two forms, video and text. This way, no matter how you prefer to learn, there's an option for you.

  • Quiz

    Nothing fancy here. After learning about the topic you'll receive a quiz to make sure you have a solid conceptual understanding before moving on to the hands-on practice.

  • Non-Contextual Practice

    Similar to the non-contextual analysis, context is everything. The first time you're hands-on with a new topic, any extra contextual information you have to process only serves as a distraction. This is why we first have you work through small, focused practice problems before you ever see the new topic in the context of a larger project.

  • Contextual Practice

    You've probably experienced it before, you feel like you're learning so much going through a tutorial only to hit a wall once it's time to actually apply that knowledge outside of the context of the tutorial. All the non-contextual practice in the world is useless if you're not then able to take that knoweldge and apply it towards a (contextual) production level codebase.


How would you like to spend 60 minutes learning CSS from Josh Comeau?

Want to pick the brain of D3 expert Amelia Wattenberger?

How about a simple intro to React Query from its creator Tanner Linsley?

Every Thursday, we bring in experts from the JavaScript ecosystem to give conference-style talks and trainings around the hottest topics in web development - and you're invited.

Tune in live every week, or binge watch a bunch in a row while you’re “working” from home.

Core Beliefs

  • We believe that growth is hard

    We’re not here to sell you a magic pill that will turn you into a 10x-unicorn-developer-ninja-engineer. True learning takes consistent work and deliberate practice. It’s not easy, but it’s attainable when you have a solid plan, proven curriculum, opportunities to practice, built-in accountability, and a network of like-minded developers working alongside you.

  • We believe in shipping

    Building is the most effective way to learn quickly. Even when it’s not perfect, shipping consistently helps you stack up small wins over time that compound your abilities. It can be scary to release new things, but we create a safe place for you to do so.

  • We believe in empathy

    Being able to understand and share the feelings of others will help you be a better developer, builder, and person. Empathy is a force multiplier on every skill you have and the best way to develop empathy is by building relationships with people who look, think, talk, and act differently than you.



771 Reviews

  • EB
    Eugênio Barros
    Modern JavaScript
    4 days ago


  • M
    4 days ago

    This course was super well structured. 10/10

  • EB
    Eugênio Barros
    Advanced JavaScript
    4 days ago


  • JB
    joel b. bintliff
    Advanced JavaScript
    5 days ago

    Good Job Tyler

  • CH
    Christopher H.
    5 days ago

    Excellent course, really thorough when it needed to be and a good mix of practical and quiz based learning :)

  • OP
    Ognyan Petrov
    React Router
    6 days ago

    I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it.

  • AK
    Anastasiya K.
    7 days ago

    Great course!!!

  • Q
    React with TypeScript
    9 days ago

    Thanks Alex, following on from TypeScript this course has given me the confidence to tackle my next project using TS with React. Lets code !!!!

  • ZS
    Zayets Stanislav
    18 days ago

    Hmm... Routes... That was good, thanks

  • Avatar for Anastasiya Kharitonova
    Anastasiya K.
    19 days ago

    Great course, everything is clear, a lot of useful information. Thanks for course!