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  • Jesus Urias
    React Hooks
    12 days ago

    I loved it. Especially after doing the original React Course, this was a great segway into react hooks. It felt more like I was the one personally making changes to everything and learning more on my own. 10/10 would do it again.

  • LS
    Lindsey Smith
    Modern JavaScript
    13 days ago

    This course was good. I liked how things were explained and the perspective taken. I have learned a lot of better practices. My reason for giving it 4 stars, I would have liked to have exercises to try with this course and actually apply the information learned.

  • RN
    Rishi Narang
    React with TypeScript
    14 days ago

    Its's awesome. I got all the doubts cleared in clear and concise manner especially related to useState and useReducer type checking. This coursed has boosted my confidence to use typescript in React.

  • Adithya NR
    15 days ago

    I loved the course! I learned a lot about TypeScript in a short period of time, thanks to this course.

  • Guilherme Sa
    15 days ago

    Lots of detail and time spent on intermediate to advanced stuff and the course was both challenging and encouraging. I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed that the editing style (ie. sometimes pausing the video and adding voice commentary, speeding up the video w/ audio overlay when necessary, etc) is similar to Tyler's other courses. It's very important that the voices at ui.dev be seductive like Tyler's. Ok, soothing like Tyler's. :)

  • LG
    Leo Gonzalez
    React Hooks
    16 days ago

    I took Tyler's redux course a few years ago. This time I came back to retake the course (and brush up a bit on my skills).

  • Anesti Gjikoka
    Modern JavaScript
    17 days ago

    Perfect, thank you!

  • JL
    Jonathan lee
    Modern JavaScript
    20 days ago

    It was nice! I appreciate content being delivered in small chunks, as I don't always have the time and/or energy to sit through a long period of learning.

  • A
    Modern JavaScript
    21 days ago

    Thank you for your time. It was a nice refresher on the old as well as upcoming features of the language.

  • Miika Luiro
    22 days ago

    This course certainly delivered what it had promised! After this course I have a comprehensive view of TypeScript and I'm confident to start using it in my next project.