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The Numbers

  • 11 Topics
  • 186 Minutes of Video
  • 29,665 Words of Text
  • 11 Quizzes

The Outline

  • Execution Contexts

    • The Ultimate Guide to Execution Contexts, Hoisting, Scopes, and Closures in JavaScript

    In this section you'll get a solid understanding of the most important topic in JavaScript, execution contexts. Along the way you'll learn other critical topics like hoisting, scopes, and closures.

  • Async JavaScript

    • The Evolution of Async JavaScript: From Callbacks, to Promises, to Async/Await

    In this section you'll learn about the historical context as well as the pros and cons behind the three most popular JavaScript async patterns - Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await.

  • Inheritance

    • JavaScript Inheritance and the Prototype Chain

    Inheritance is a principle of Object Oriented Programming. In this section you'll learn how to accomplish inheritance in JavaScript in both ES5 as well as ES6.

  • The 'this' Keyword

    • Understanding the this keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript

    The 'this' keyword is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of JavaScript. In this section you'll learn how to tell what the 'this' keyword is referencing as well as other related topics like .call, .apply, and .bind.

  • JavaScript's Prototype

    • A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript's Prototype

    In this section you'll learn a variety of patterns for instantiating new objects in JavaScript and in doing so will gain a deep understanding of JavaScript's prototype.

  • Modules

    • JavaScript Modules: From IIFEs to CommonJS to ES6 Modules

    In this section you'll learn all about JavaScript modules including the IIFE pattern, CommonJS, and ES6 Modules.

  • The Event Loop

    • The JavaScript Event Loop: A Simple Guide

    In this section you'll learn how JavaScript, a single threaded synchronous language, can process tasks asynchronously using help from its environment and the event loop.

  • Class Fields

    • JavaScript Private and Public Class Fields

    In this section you'll learn about Private and Public Class Fields in JavaScript, when to use them and how they're useful.

  • Bonus Time

    • JavaScript Composition vs Inheritance
    • JavaScript Array Methods you should know
    • Creating your own JavaScript Array

    Everything else you should probably know.

  • The Love

    This is the part where we're supposed to tell you how great the course is. Even better if we get other "famous" developers to give their "reviews". Instead, we'll let those who have actually taken the course do that.


    184 Reviews

    • Avatar for Samuel White
      Samuel White
      27 days ago

      Great course. I covered a lot of useful material. I highly recomend Thank you!

    • Q
      59 days ago

      Every JS software engineer can benefit hugely from this well informed and instructed course. You walk away feeling confident in creating new things with a composed (intentional :) ) arsenal of tools

    • G
      2 months ago

      Very good explanations

    • J
      2 months ago

      This course was absolutely stellar. No amount of googling could have brought me to this level of understanding. I'm giving it 4 stars because the section about scope is incorrect. It teaches that JavaScript has dynamic scope, when it actually has lexical scope. Other than that it's fantastic! 🙌

    • ZS
      Zayets Stanislav
      2 months ago

      Thx Tyler, that was a good experience and a lot of new for me in js.

    • AA
      Adeel Ahmad
      2 months ago

      Worth spending time on the content. Every module is built on top of previous module which kind of connect entire course from beginner to advance level. Course covers crucial topics which developers tend to skip in day to day programming without giving much thought. Another best thing, for all the video content author has also provided transcripts so in case your are sitting in a place where you just can't go through the video or you don't feel like watching video again, just go and read the transcript as it's well documented with examples taken in the video.

    • EH
      Ethan Horne
      4 months ago

      Excellent course. Most of the time I look up my problems on Stack Overflow. The course helps me understand how JavaScript works. As I understand how the language works, I feel I will better understand how to use it.

    • VS
      Veera S.
      4 months ago

      What can I say. Every course is designed very perfect that everything makes sense why it is done in a specific way.

    • VD
      Vojin Doncev
      5 months ago

      I enjoyed both video and written tutorials, and non the less the quizes. Amazing content!

    • EN
      Elizabeth N.
      5 months ago

      Great course! I loved the fact that you drive us through how to create things that would make JS easier to handle just to tell us at the end that actually exist already.

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