React With TypeScript

Everything you need to be productive in a React application that uses TypeScript.

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  1. 01

    Configuring TypeScript for React

    It doesn’t take much to set up TypeScript to work with React. By the end of this section, you’ll know everything you need to get started.

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  2. 02

    Annotating Components

    Components are the heart and soul of React, so we’ll learn how to add annotations to props and state for class components and function components.

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  3. 03

    Built-In React Types

    React’s type definitions come with some types that we can use in our code to help us model some of the ways that React components and elements interact.

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    • Bonus
  4. 04


    TypeScript makes it so we always use our React Hooks correctly, so we don’t have any surprises. We’ll dive into the most common hooks.

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  5. 05

    Typing Props

    Props are one of the most important parts of using React, and annotating them is as easy as adding types to a function. During this section, we’ll learn how to model some of the tricker, more advanced props patterns you might find.

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  6. 06


    Context lets you pass values deep into your app, and TypeScript makes it so the types come with them! In this section, we’ll learn how to add those types to our context creator, and how to use context in the most helpful way.

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  7. 07


    Refs are used to store bits of data, including references to DOM elements. TypeScript helps us use these refs in a type safe way.

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  8. 08

    Project: TypeScript Conversion

    We’ll apply what we’ve learned by converting an entire React Hooks codebase to TypeScript.

    • Project

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Everything you need to know to master React + TypeScript

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Albert Vila Calvo's avatar
Albert Vila Calvo


Good course. Exactly what I needed.

Rishi Narang


It’s awesome. I got all the doubts cleared in clear and concise manner especially related to useState and useReducer type checking. This coursed has boosted my confidence to use typescript in React.

Malak Joseph's avatar
Malak Joseph


I hated TypeScript when I dealt with it at work because I didn’t know how to use it and only produced red lines! Now, can’t say I’m an expert but an app without TS is full of distractions and more complicated! Thanks, Alexander for such a great course!



I super love the course. Quickly got me up to date with Typescript. Although I’ve been coding Typescript for a while, I only felt I got the fundamentals down after this course. Highly recommend.

Angela Cabrero


Was part of the beta group. Really enjoyed this course. It’s a solid follow up to the TypeScript course for those who use React.


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